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Why you should use our
robotic life coach

Market time the enormous development of technology in the last two years gives Lee the opportunity to offer their service 50 times cheaper than a local coach.

The trust between man and machine has grown incredibly in recent times. The value we offer to the customer surpasses any kind of well-being and value creation, which finally results in a better quality of life for the consumer.


Access to coaching at any time in any place. Also in remote regions. No long waiting times or travel costs into the big cities. Coaching has never been so easy to get.

Data Assessment

Data evaluation after each session and development analysis over the entire treatment cycle. Reconciliation between sessions and tracking of history.


Anonymity is generally known to strengthen well-being. A faster personal opening to the digital coach increases a more accurate, faster treatment. Anxiety of contact was yesterday.


No costs for travel, and allowances, thats why we can offer a 10 times cheaper product. Furthermore, no subscription. You use your credits whenever you like

More bang for buck

By using the latest technology and open source, we are able to offer a very efficient model that can be passed on directly to the customer and we see ourselves as a non-profit organisation during our development stage.

Safe and secure

To secure the data, all connections are encrypted via SSL/TLS. Furthermore, we work with the latest authorisation technologies and have implemented mechanisms against brute force attacks.

Fast, really fast

To ensure a fast workflow, we call API calls via Python, JavaScript and execute them via Node libraries. Furthermore, we work with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to guarantee the speed of transmission.

"Make coaching accessible
and affordable for everyone,
anytime, anywhere,
in any situation"

Lee-AI is where tech innovation and culture innovation intersect

We also offer service packages for companies and their employees for optimal productivity